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Taking legal action in India is viewed as an area full of uncertainties. The process appears cumbersome, cost is unknown and timelines could be endless. Precisely the reason why people choose to live with legal maladies and suffer silently. A large section of society consisting of women, employees, students and senior citizens are hesitant in taking legal action due to above.

But the time has come to empower them by making the legal process simple to understand and remove the opaqueness which clouds the minds of potential litigants.

We at are committed to empower the common people of this country to get access to good and speedy legal knowledge of individual legal problem of any nature. The simple and interactive process, while maintaining total confidentiality of any and all users, will ensure that people get to know about their rights and overcome any legal entanglement they may have.

While, initially we will be focusing at the district court level, but going forward, we will provide access to all the facilities at tehsil level and ensure that the remote villages can get the benefit of legal knowledge through gram sanchalak of absolutely free.

That’s not all. Anyone in the capacity of a common citizen of this country can take up any matter in the interest of public at large through our soon to come e-Adalat initiative. We will help you by propagating your cause amongst our online community and help you represent your issue with relevant government agency / authority.

There are more than 70000 legal graduates who complete the law courses every year in our country. At, we will ensure that most students pursuing legal studies get expert advice from our website and get appropriate placement in law firms and corporates immediately on completion of their respective courses.

That’s not all, very soon we will be starting a unique facility for practicing lawyers and legal managers through our “Senior’s Chamber”. Here, we will assist the members of legal fraternity to prepare the cases with comprehensive case preparation materials recommended by our experts.

We view as an “Empowering Initiative” benefiting all who are a part of this legal environment. We will ensure delivery of superior legal inputs to lawyers, litigants, law students or a legal enthusiast.

We will encourage you to take-up your legal matters and would encourage you to also help those who do not have access to technology.

Let’s overcome and win the RIGHT WAY.

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